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Signature Back to the Basics Brown Sugar and Hemp Seed Oil Scrub

Signature Back to the Basics Brown Sugar and Hemp Seed Oil Scrub

Sugar scrubs are known for their ability to easily remove dead skin gently and naturally. Using the friction of the brown sugar in this Back to the Basics Brown Sugar and Hemp Seed Oil Scrub, you can do just that to gently exfoliate dull, lifeless skin to reveal the smooth skin underneath. As soon as that skin becomes exposed, the rich hemp seed oil of this sugar scrub will begin to nourish and soften it, helping to keep it as smooth and hydrated as possible.

Fragrance-free, this exfoliating sugar scrub is designed to go easy on sensitive skin and won't irritate it while it works its magic. Not only can it help moisturize and exfoliate, but the scrub will also get to work promoting better circulation and higher cellular turnover rates to keep your skin looking youthful and bright while drawing out any impurities that might be lurking beneath the surface.

Our original scrub features frankincense essential oil which is known to be a powerful astringent. Our back to the basics body scrub works hard to not only protect your skin but to assist in reducing blemishes associated with acne, shrink pores, slow down signs of aging while helping to fight against wrinkles while lifting and tightening the skin!

- Gently exfoliates dead, lifeless skin to reveal softer, new skin beneath
- Nourishes and hydrates your skin to leave behind a soft glow
- Draws out and eliminates impurities in the skin
- Promotes better circulation and cellular turnover
This is a dry scrub, please avoid getting water in container.  Pairs perfectly with our Sun Kissed creamy body oil!



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