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Sun Kissed

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Our "Sun Kissed" 4 oz all natural creamy body oil was created to moisturize, protect and act as a conditioner for your skin.  Crafted with hemp seed oil and 100% raw shea butter, we are sure you will fall in love with all that it has to offer.  When you shop our all natural creamy body oils, you can apply it with ease knowing that our ingredients do not include any synthetic ingredients, fragrances or preservatives and like all of our products our creams are cruelty free.  With our fast absorbing formula soft, nourished and glowing skin is only a jar away.  Trust and believe this baby is a must! 

 Key benefits include but are not limited to

rich in nutrients and natural emollients

highly penetrative

helping balance your skins natural moisture

providing nourishment and moisturize to your skin

your thighs will fall in love, hint...hint (soft and smooth)

Natural SPF

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