Beautifully Graced Academy

Beautifully Graced LLC, takes pride in providing wellness coaching in addition to our all natural products.  Our founder and lead coach holds a B.S. of Science in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on early child development and leadership.  In addition to her bachelor's degree, she is a licensed cosmetologist in the states of FL and TN.  Stephanie is a firm believer in continued education and has recently earned college credits in natural skin care and products, wellness coaching and building self-esteem in both children and adults.  

The Beautifully Graced Academy features wellness coaching for young girls and women of all ages.  With 20 plus years of experience in the child care profession, trust knowing that our team is very knowledgeable, patient, energetic and eager to assist.  The Beautifully Graced Academy strategies consist of but are not limited to knowledge of childhood development, ability to build healthy relationships, exceptional communication, shared knowledge, professional settings and materials, modeling positive behaviors, remaining positive at all times and realistic expectations.

Do you have a child that is struggling in areas of wellness?  Are they demonstrating signs of stress, anxiety or depression?  Are you constantly trying to find ways to cheer them up, motivate them to pursue their dreams or to simply set new goals?  If so, allow Beautifully Graced LLC to help.  Together we can set realistic goals to help them reach their full potential while developing life skills and becoming more confident, resilient, happier and overall successful.

In addition to our coaching services for children, Beautifully Graced LLC offers wellness coaching for adults.  Together we will explore the 12 areas of wellness, set realistic expectations and goals and improve your overall quality of life.  

Ready to get started?  Send us an email to request your link for booking!